Arshia Sioshansi’s Merit Award

The Book Club & More

Thanks to generous donation of our members the idea of Library/Book Club became a reality.The donated books are in Farsi or Farsi-English.

How do we increase our collection?

People like you are donating books and money to make the Book Club possible. These donors allow other people to enjoy their books as they did. By donating books, the donors are willing to promote our culture and restore our heritage. The Book Club is one of the tools to help attain this goal.

In addition, we trust the kindness and responsible borrowers to take care of the books. Each borrower needs to respect the lender's act of kindness by keeping the books out of harm. We request the borrowers to keep the book in the best possible shape.The club also has some Music CD, DVD and VCD Movies. You may keep the books for four weeks and the DVDs/VCDs for one week.

How do I become a member of the Book Club? 

You can become a member of the Book Club by being a member of the PHOM. Only the members can borrow material.

How do I reserve a book or DVDs/VCD? 
You can reserve the books or DVDs/VCD via the e-mail NO reservation by the phone.

Is there any cost?

There is a $20.00 deposit in the form of personal check. We return the deposit upon the return of the items.
There is also a renatl fee of $3 for CDs and $5 for DVDs, no charge for books.
The deposit or the fees must be paid at the time of check out. 

How do I check in/out the books, CDs, DVDs/VCDs?

You may check in/out reserved library item at the following PHOM monthly events at Coos preschool (Persian school):

Board meetings: on every 2nd Monday of the month from 7:30 - 9:30 PM
Shabe Iran meetings: on every 3rd Friday of the month from 7:30 - 9:30 PM

Is there a late fee?

The late fee is $5 per week per book, VCD, or tapes.

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