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Ey Iran (Persian: ای ایران) (O Iran)

Ey Iran (Persian: ای ایران) (O Iran) is a famous and popular anthem in Iran. The lyrics were written by Hossein Gol-e-Golab in 1946, the music was composed by Ruhollah Khaleghi, and it was first performed by Gholam Hossein Banan.  Professor Ruhollah Khaleghi wrote the music and despite all the political opposition, it found its way into the heart and soul of the people."

Ey Iran is often mistaken for being a present or previous Iranian national anthem. It has only briefly had the de-facto national anthem status; however, it occupies a place in Iranian popular culture similar to that of Men of Harlech in Wales.


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Darya Davar Performance of Ey Iran

Ey Iran

Ey Iran Peformed by Andy

EY IRAN, Performed by Banan, ای ایران ای مرز پر گهر، زنده یاد بنان

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