Arshia Sioshansi’s Merit Award

About, Persia House of Michigan (P.H.O.M)

Who we are

The Persia House of Michigan is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization. We were established in 1999. Currently our organization consists of 20 active committees under the supervision of the Board of Directors elected by members. We publish an informative bulletin periodically which will contain the progress of our activities!

What we do

Our most important goal is to promote Iranian traditions and culture among Iranians abroad with emphasis on Iranian Youth. The Persia House of Michigan celebrates different traditional and cultural events annually. To obtain information about the most current events please take a peek at our calendar of events.


To establish an organization that provides a medium for the Persian community to gather under common goals, specifically celebration and appreciation of Persian culture, language and history.  An organization which entertains an atmosphere of peace and harmony, free and independent of any political or religious ties.  Movements or encouragement of discord, dissension, variance and segregation will not be tolerated and is against the organization's ideology.


Board of Directors 



Persia House of Michigan
P.O. Box 251002
West Bloomfield, MI 48325